Histology Core (PHC)

Please be sure to acknowledge us in your publications: University of Maryland School of Medicine’s Pathology Histology Core – Baltimore, Maryland.

Overview of Services

We are a research pathology laboratory providing the primary routine histology services for Autopsy, Cytology, and Renal Pathology within hte Department of Pathology. This lab provides histology services for clinical trials, as well. Both animal and human tissues samples are acceptable. 

Services Include:

  • Complete, ruitine paraffin histology services, including processing and sectioning
  • Special stains: H&E staining only
  • Frozen tissue sections
  • Oversized tissue processing and sectioning
  • Customized procedures

 Turn Around Time varies depending on the type of request and volume.  The average is 5-7 days.

Location and hours of operation

Hours Location

7am - 3pm, M-F 

Bressler Building, 3rd floor, rm 3-007


Name Role Phone Email Location
Perry Comegys
Histology Technician
410-706-3579 (or 7902)
Bressler, 3rd floor, rm 007
Norma Colocho
Histology Technician
410-706-3579 (or 7902)
Bressler, 3rd floor, rm 007
Tamara Lucas
Histology Technician
410-706-3579 (or 7902)
Bressler, 3rd floor, rm 007

Service & price list

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