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Virus Vector Core

Overview of Services

The objective of Virus Vector Core Facility at University of Maryland Baltimore (UMB) is to provide the service for production of viral-based gene delivery including adeno-associated virus (AAV) . The Core will offer varieties of serotypes and virus purification for gene therapy in brain or other tissues. In addition, the core will provide services for vector design and custom cloning to generate vectors.

1. The virus core will generate ready-to-use pre-made viruses (AAVs) that will be available for immediate pick-up.
2. Production of custom vectors – “from scratch” designed according to the needs and specifications of the investigator.
3. A wide selection of serotype and purification grades for in-vivo (live tissue) or in-vitro (primary cell lines).
4. Provision of cloning vectors for insertion of genes of interest prior to vector production.
5. CRIPSR based genome editing, vector cloning, guide RNA designing and screening in cell lines.
6. The Core will offer consultation service on the design of viral vector, providing help in choosing virus type and serotype optimal for the cell- and tissue-specific region.


Ramesh Chandra Director 410 706 2770



Name Role Phone Email Location
Ramesh Chandra
410 706 2770
20 Penn Street HSF II, Rm S263 21201