General Clinical Research Center (GCRC)


Please be sure to acknowledge us in your publications: University of Maryland School of Medicine’s General Clinical Research Center – Baltimore, Maryland. 


Overview of Services


Mission: The General Clinical Research Center (GCRC) is the cornerstone for clinical research within the University of Maryland. The GCRC supports the full spectrum of patient-oriented research. The GCRC can provide investigators with the resources they need to conduct clinical research, including nursing support and the facilities for inpatient and outpatient data collection and patient care, as well as a state-of-the-art DEXA Facility.


GCRC Facilities: The GCRC is located in the University of Maryland Medical Center, South Hospital, occupying the C &D wings on the tenth floor. It includes fully staffed and equipped inpatient and outpatient clinical research areas, as well as specimen processing laboratory. Our support services are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The GCRC nursing staff are also available for offsite visits. GCRC Staff: The GCRC Nursing staff have the necessary education, certification and skills to provide quality research participant care. In addition to basic patient care and research data collection skills, staff are trained and certified to perform more complicated and sophisticated protocol-specific interventions and data collection.


Clinical Services:
Physical Examination and Monitoring ( Vital signs, Height, Weight, Serial BP Monitoring, etc.)
Subject Teaching (Glucose Monitoring, Medication Adminsitration, etc.)
Specimen Collection/Processing (Phlebotomy, PK samplings, Urine Pregnancy, etc.)
Investigational Drug Administration- including Chemotherapy Administration
Special Testing/Procedures (IV and Oral Glucose Tolerance Test, Dexa scans, Bone/skin/fat/muscle biopsies,etc.)
Other Data Collection (Questionnaire administration)


To arrange a tour or discuss protocol needs, please contact the GCRC administrator, Meghan Banchero, at or (410)328-7648.


Stephen Davis, MBBS, Director


Meghan Banchero, Administrator


Facility Staff

Lynn Vogelsang, GCRC Business Manager


Jennifer Marron, GCRC Protocol Manager


Dawn Fox



Hours and Location

Hours       Location

Open Hours: 
7:00 am - 4:00 pm

Staffed Hours:
24/7 Staff Availability

     22 S. Greene St, S10D04
     Baltimore,MD, 21201
     Located on the 10th Floor of the Hospital

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Meghan Banchero

Stephen Davis, MBBS