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Cytokine Core Laboratory

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Overview of Services

The University of Maryland Cytokine Core Laboratory (CCL) was established March 31, 1995. The CCL is a full-service research core laboratory focused on the measurement of cytokines and growth factors using immunoassays utilizing both ELISA's and Multiplex technology.

The CCL offers assay services to both University of Maryland and extramural investigators. The Cytokine Core Laboratory offers an extensive list of human, mouse, and rat cytokine, chemokine and growth factor assays. Two complementary assay platforms are available, each which have their own unique advantages and disadvantages. We are available to help decide the ideal assay platform for your research needs.

The CCL pricing structure is based on high volume and low profit margin. ELISA costs are reduced by using in-house protocols. High volume also allows us to negotiate for lower reagent costs, providing further reductions in the final price our assays.

In 2003, we added Luminex multianalyte technology to provide additional options for investigators.


Dr. Jeffrey Hasday, Director

Lisa Hester, Core Manager


Location and hours of operation

Hours      Location

*Prearranged Sample Drop Offs are available
Monday- Friday before 11:00 am

     University of Maryland
     Cytokine Core Lab
     655 West Baltimore Street
     Bressler Research Bldg
     7th Floor, Room 07-010, Bay F
     Baltimore, MD 21201

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  1. Cytokine Core Laboratory


Name Role Phone Email Location
Dr. Jeffrey Hasday
655 West Baltimore Street
Lisa Hester
655 West Baltimore Street