University of Maryland Medicine (UMM) Biorepository

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The UMM Biorepository is the foundation for personalized medicine research of the future. It is a resource building effort that includes banking of blood samples from UMMS patients as well as collections of various biospecimens from collaborating UM researchers. State-of-the-art robotic freezer and liquid-handling equipment offers a secure and managed environment for biospecimen processing, storage and distribution. Data connected to the samples is obtained through the electronic health record and/or study-specific data collection, allowing for multi-disciplinary research that can impact a range of health issues.


Please acknowledge our core in your publications when appropriate in the format that follows:  “University of Maryland School of Medicine Center for Innovative Biomedical Resources, UMM Biorepository– Baltimore, Maryland."


Coleen M. Damcott, PhD - Director, UMM Biorepository

Associate Professor



Kathleen Palmer, BSN, RN - Head, Clinical Research Office

Clinical Coordinator




Core Staff Role Phone Email Location
Jeff Rhyne Laboratory Manager 410-706-0453 Bressler Building, Rm 7-010
Tameka Alestock Clinical Coordinator 410-706-6430 Medical School Teaching Facility, Rm 314
Tom Fitzgerald Clinical Coordinator 410-706-6143 Medical School Teaching Facility, Rm 314
Devon Nwaba Clinical Coordinator 410-706-1724 Medical School Teaching Facility, Rm 314

Location and Hours of Operation

Hours Location

Monday - Friday

8am - 5pm

Staffed 8am-4pm      

655 West Baltimore Street

Bressler Research Building, Rm 7-010

Baltimore, MD  21201

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Name Role Phone Email Location
Coleen M. Damcott, Ph.D.


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