Core for Translational Research in Imaging (CTRIM)

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The Core for Translational Research in Imaging @ Maryland (C-TRIM) was established with the goal to advance state-of-the-art technology for animal imaging at the molecular, cellular and systemic level, to serve as resource for medical research, biotechnology advances and pharmaceutical development, and for probing in vivo gene function, disease processes and therapeutic applications including drug delivery and trials. The goal of this core is to facilitate inter-institutional collaboration between academic institutions in Maryland and technology translation to the industry.


A major objective of C-TRIM is to provide services for in-vivo and ex-vivo cross-sectional and functional imaging using MRI, MR-g-FUS, PET, and CT. The center will provide consultation on advanced imaging techniques and will also provide all necessary image-processing support to investigators. Capabilities also exist within the center to build custom made coils for specific applications.

Pleas acknowledge our core in your publications when appropriate in the format that follows:  “University of Maryland School of Medicine Center for Innovative Biomedical Resources, Translational Research in Imaging Core – Baltimore, Maryland.


Rao Gullapalli, PhD

Location and Hours of Operation

Hours Location

Monday - Friday 

7:30 am - 5:30 pm 


Core for Translational Imaging

660 West Redwood Street

Howard Hall, Rm 644, 645 & 686

Baltimore, MD 21201

Howard Hall: (410) 706-6384




110 South Paca St. (Paca-Pratt Building)

MRI Suite 104

Baltimore, MD 21201

Pratt/Paca: (410) 328-6443

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University of Maryland School of Medicine - Core for Translational Imagining (C-TRIM)


Name Role Phone Email Location
Jiachen Zhuo
(410) 328-6443
110 S Pace St, MRI Suite 104
Su Xu
(410) 706-5419
685 W Baltimore St, HSF 1, Room 618B
Erma Owens
MRI/Clinical Manager
(410) 328-0235
110 S Pace St, MRI Suite 104
John Hebel
MRI Technologist
(410) 328-6443
110 S Pace St, MRI Suite 104
Wenjun Zhu
MRI Technologist
(410) 706-6384
660 W Redwood St, HH 645
Xin Lu
PET/CT, Xenogen Technologist
(410) 706-4499, 6-4498
660 W Redwood St, HH 644
Mark Smith
PET/CT, Consultant
(410) 328-1320
Gudelsky Building, G2J04

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Members at Mid-Atlantic Shared Services Consortium

Core Name Primary Contact Email Phone Number/Ext
Biostatistics and Bioinformatics Shared Service

State-of-the-art statistical science, expert statistical analysis and sound statistical reporting

Susan Holt (410) 706-8505
Confocal Microscopy Core

Equipment and expertise to assist investigators in applying advanced fluorescence microscopy techniques to their research.

Joseph Mauban, PhD 410-706-6170
Core for Translational Research in Imaging (CTRIM)

State-of-the-art technology for animal imaging at the molecular, cellular and systemic level. Services for in-vivo and ex-vivo cross-sectional and functional imaging using MRI, MR-g-FUS, PET, and CT.

Jiachen Zhuo (410) 328-6443
Electron Microscopy Core Imaging Facility

‌‌‌‌‌Transmission Electron Microscope, Scanning Electron Microscope, SEM CryoTransfer & Chamber, High Pressure Freezer, Freeze Substitution System, Grid Plunger, CryoUltramicrotome, Gatan 626 cryo holder

Ru-Ching Hsia, PhD 410-7067992
Flow Cytometry Core

Sample acquisition on three analytical flow cytometers, expert data analysis, experimental planning and consultation and perform cell sorting on two high speed cell sorters.</p>

Karen Underwood, BS 410-706-2173
Genomics Core Facility - Formerly Biopolymer Core Facility

DNA Sequencing, Cell Line Authentication, Gene Expression Microarray, Genotyping and more

Nicholas Ambulos, PhD 410-706-60665
Mass Spectrometry Center

Strives to accelerate discovery by providing investigators, on campus and beyond, access to cutting-edge technologies in mass spectrometry. Expetise from basic biology and medicine to technology development and translational research

Maureen A. Kane 410-706-5097
Pathology Biorepository Shared Service (PBSS)

Provides the collection of high quality banked patient samples while maintaining patient confidentiality. PBSS also provides pathology, histology, & histotechnology consultation services to assist principal investigators in the procurement, analyses, & clinicopathologic correlation of human tissue

Ashley Cellini, P.A. (ASCP) 410-706-2174
Translational Laboratory Shared Service (UMGCC)

Pre-clinical and clinical experimental support to basic researchers and physicians. We work in areas across the entire spectrum: cell biology, in vitro, in vivo and human trials.

Rena Lapidus, PhD 410-328-8092
Core Name Primary Contact Email Phone Number/Ext
Non-iLab, JHU SKCCC Core Facilities

Jeff Smith
SKCCC IRAT Core (Image Response Assessment Team)

Michael Jacobs
SKCCC Immune Monitoring Core (formerly Human Immunology)

Christopher Thoburn 410-955-8568
SKCCC Specimen Accessioning Core

Robin Stewart 410 502-0674
SKCCC Analytical Pharmacology Core

Michelle Rudek 410-614-6321
SKCCC Animal Resources

Eric Davis 410-502-9544
SKCCC Cell Imaging Facility

Lillian Dasko-Vincent 410-614-4414
SKCCC Common Equipment Core

Eric Davis
SKCCC Cytogenetics Core Facility

Laura Morsberger
SKCCC Experimental Irradiator Core

Esteban Velarde
SKCCC Flow Cytometry Core

Julie Nauroth 443-287-3952
SKCCC Microarray Core

Wayne Yu 410-502-7970
SKCCC Next Generation Sequencing Core

Lauren Ciotti 443-287-7341

University of Virginia

Core Name Primary Contact Email Phone Number/Ext
Advanced Microscopy Facility Stacey Criswell 434-924-2524
BioNMR Facility
Biomolecular Analysis Facility
Biorepository and Tissue Research Facility (BTRF) Craig Rumpel, MS 434-982-6453
Flow Cytometry Core Facility FCCF Core Email
Genetically Engineered Murine Model (GEMM) Core
Merry X-Ray Leslie Yowell (434) 243-6051
Metabolomics Lipidomics Shared Resource Todd Fox 434-297-6516
MolMart & Tissue Culture Facility Linda Beggerly 434 924 9211
Molecular Electron Microscopy Core Kelly Dryden 434.982.0525
Molecular Imaging Core Jack Roy (434) 243-9232
Office of Research Core Administration Alicia Johnson 434-982-6565
SOM Clinical Research Unit (CRU)
Stem Cell Core Arazdordi Toumadje 434-297-5302
Surgical Skills Training Center Dana Davis Sikon 434-924-6854

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