NMR Core Facility

Overview of Services

The NMR center opened in October of 1996 with a 600 MHz NMR spectrometer in HSF I.  In August of 2003, specially designed space to receive this spectrometer and an additional 800 MHz spectrometer was made available.  Currently, the UMB NMR facility houses a 950 MHz Bruker Avance III series NMR spectrometer, an 800 MHz Bruker Avance series NMR spectrometer, a 600 MHz Bruker Avance III series NMR spectrometer, and a 400 MHz Bruker Avance III series NMR spectrometer (located at the CBT in Rockville).  The 600, 800 and 950 MHz instruments have 4 channels, pulsed-field gradient hardware and are equipped with cryoprobes (TCI on the 600 and 950, TXI on the 800). The 800 MHz instrument also includes a BACS 60 sample automatic sample changer.  The 400 MHz instrument is equipped with a multinuclear broadband fluorine observe probe (BBFOPLUS) and a SampleXPRESS Lite sample changer.  NMR data visualization, analysis, and structure calculation will be carried out on either a linux or a Mac OS X workstation loaded with the required NMR-related computer programs, including NMRPipe, NMRView, and Pymol (among others).

Contact Tom McHugh or Sanjay Uchil with any questions or issues experienced related to the use of this online system for ordering equipment time and services.  

Location and Hours of Operation

Hours Location

Monday - Friday       

9 am to 5 pm 

HSF II - Basement

20 Penn Street

Baltimore, MD  21201

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Publication Acknowledgments

Pleas acknowledge our core in your publications when appropriate in the format that follows:  “University of Maryland School of Medicine Center for Innovative Biomedical Resources,NMR Core – Baltimore, Maryland.


To help us document the impact the core has on research at the University, please also alert the core when you publish data obtained in the core


Name Role Phone Email Location
Kristen M. Varney, PhD
Facility Manager, Co-Director

David J. Weber, PhD



Braden Roth
HSF II, Basement NMR Facility