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Pathology Biorepository Shared Service (PBSS)

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Overview of Services

Pathology Biorepository Shared Service (PBSS) provides consistent excellence in the collection of high quality banked patient samples while maintaining patient confidentiality.  PBSS also provides pathology, histology, and histotechnology consultation services to assist principal investigators in the procurement, analyses, and clinicopathologic correlation of human tissue specimens.


PBSS was established by the University of Maryland Greenebaum Cancer Center (UMGCC) in 2006 as a developing core.  PBSS has both the unique advantage of the long-standing expertise gained under the well-established relationship with the NCI as well as the advantage of existing expertise and archives within the Pathology Department. PBSS is currently the only tissue bank shared service for specimens removed at surgery on the campus.  We have an integrated relationship with the Anatomic Pathology Department, which is essential for obtaining high quality tissue samples as well as for pathology and histology expertise.  The frozen tissue archives of PBSS consist of frozen tumor samples and associated paired normal tissue, frozen mononuclear cell isolates, plasma, and serum samples.

Contact Tom McHugh or Sanjay Uchil with any questions or issues experienced related to the use of this online system for ordering equipment time and services. 



Olga Ioffe, MD



Paul Staats, MD


Location and Hours of Operation

Hours Location

8 am - 6 pm

Monday - Friday       

Bressler Research Building, 7-016

655 West Baltimore Street

Baltimore, MD  21201

Links and Resources

  1. University of Maryland School of Medicine- Pathology Biorepository Shared Service (PBSS)

Publication Acknowledgments

Pleas acknowledge our core in your publications when appropriate in the format that follows:  “University of Maryland School of Medicine Center for Innovative Biomedical Resources, Pathology Biorepository Shared Services Core – Baltimore, Maryland.


To help us document the impact the core has on research at the University, please also alert the core when you publish data obtained in the core


Name Role Phone Email Location
Ashley Cellini, P.A. (ASCP)
Director Clinical Business Operations

Kimberly Tuttle, H.T. (ASCP)


Service list

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Cryosectioning (Frozen Sections) (2)
Digital Imaging (Aperio Image Analysis and Capture) (2)
Immunohistochemistry (IHC) (1)
Routine Services (16)
Tissue Microarray (TMA) Services (2)