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Confocal Microscopy Core

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Overview of Services

This core facility is administered by the Department of Physiology and provides equipment and expertise to assist investigators in applying advanced fluorescence microscopy techniques to their research.


Confocal and multiphoton microscopy imaging: Several advanced microscopes are available for imaging live or fixed samples, 2D or 3D, time-lapsed, and in multicolor. Wide-field, confocal, and multiphoton systems provide ability to image a large range of specimens, from cultured cells and tissue slices, to live organs, embryos, and animals.


Training: The core provides training in usage of the microscopes. Training sessions are arranged in consultation with the facility manager. Once trained, users have unrestricted access to the facility to carry out their own image acquisition and analysis in the core.


Consultation: Consultation on experimental design and approach is provided by the facility manager and director.


New to core? Need training? After you register, click the request training tab, or contact our manager Joe Mauban to set up training.


Contact Tom McHugh or Sanjay Uchil with any questions or issues experienced related to the use of this online system for ordering equipment time and services.  

Please see "How to PDF" for a short explanation or how to place orders:Schedule Equipment Time & Request Services (Help Manual)


Location and Hours of Operation

Hours Location

Trained users have access to equipment 24/7         

685 W. Baltimore St.

HSF1 Room 610

Baltimore, MD  21201  

Links and Resources

Schedule Equipment Time & Request Services (Help Manual)

Confocal Microscopy Core - University of Maryland Medical Center

Department of Physiology 


Publication Acknowledgments

Pleas acknowledge our core in your publications when appropriate in the format that follows:  “University of Maryland School of Medicine Center for Innovative Biomedical Resources, Confocal Microscopy Core – Baltimore, Maryland.

To help us document the impact the core has on research at the University, please also alert the core when you publish data obtained in the core


Name Role Phone Email Location
Joseph Mauban, PhD
Howard Hall, Room 525
Denise Walker-Addy
Bressler Building, Room 5-013
Thomas Blanpied, PhD